My Knowledge Video

I created my video in Adobe After Effects, this is the first time I have used this software so it was a steep learning curve. I did find some similarities to Premier Pro and Flash within the software which helped once I got going. Some of the elements for the video were created in Photoshop and Illustrator. I used facts from my Anti-Fracking campaign which is my Creative Project as I am wanting to use this for that class too. It did end up being longer than the 90 seconds, but this was because I had so many facts I wanted to include, I tried to keep it as short as possible. I rendered the video with an output of mpeg4 and uploaded it to Youtube, so I can share it on here and on my project Facebook page.

The music is Industrial Music Box by Kevin MacLoud and is copyright free from

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Knowledge Video

I have to create a video that relates Cognition (thinking) to Kinetic Typography techniques. Imagination can transform simple facts into a work of art and make them more interesting and memorable.My video is to be 60 to 90 seconds long and I need to include suitable background music, which I must include a copyright statement about. When the video is complete I will need to export it and publish it, I will upload it to Youtube and then embed it in my blog. I then need to write a little about how I have created the piece.

As I need to create a piece of Kinetic Typography for my Anti-Fracking project I am hoping to link these 2 together to save on a little work, so my kinetic typography will be about Fracking Facts.

A few examples of Kinetic Typography

We Must – Kinetic Typography (Carbon Cap Contest) from AaronJPatterson on Vimeo.

New York Times: Turkish Edition from Quba Michalski on Vimeo.

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My Expression Video

To create my video of gathered a couple of film clips from and royalty free music from I watched the films and chose the scene that I wanted to use to create my video. Then using Premier Pro I cut all the scenes to 6 seconds in length and then arranged in the order that I wanted them to play I created a title in Photoshop and then exported my film as a mpg4 and then uploaded it to Youtube where I could get the code to embed it in my blog here.

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Expression Video

I’ve to create a 60-90 second film using a narrative montage technique. The film needs to express an emotion or an idea to the viewer.

I can use either a Rythymic, Metric or Intellectual Montage technique to create my art film. It can be created using my own material that I have shot or copyright free material. I have also to add a suitable soundtrack to the film

Once completed it is to be uploaded to Youtube and added to my blog with a brief explanation about how and with what I created my video.

Eisenteins 5 “methods ” of montage

restate the brief

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I now have a Linkedin account and you can find me HERE over the next few weeks I will be adding more to this.

I am also preparing to apply for university for next year, so I will be busy typing my personal statement, filling out my application and have this all completed by 11th November so a tutor has time to hopefully write me a good reference before 15th January 2014.

The dealines for my main projects are looming ever nearer so I am busy working on The Highland Wildlife Park Project and the Anti-Fracking Campaign.


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Abstract Video is complete

So my attempt of an abstract video is complete, not the usual kind of thing that I would do, but it’s done.

It consists of film I shot of a sunset at Loch Leven, but it is not recogniseable as that same video now. I edited the video in Adobe Premiere Pro and created a title and credits in Adobe Photoshop. I sourced some audio from which I added to my video, some of the sounds were the wrong file type and Premiere would not let me import them so I changed them to .wav files in Audacity before importing them into Premiere Pro.

When I uploaded my video to Youtube, I noticed it was longer than I thought…..ooops! I’d left another clip further on in the timeline and this had been saved too. When I tried to open the project in Premiere I got an error message saying that a scene could not be opened. So I imported it into Windows Movie Maker and cut out the clip that was not needed and then saved the film again and uploaded it to Youtube. Movie Maker must of compressed the video as it only now took a few minutes to upload to Youtube.

Here is the final video……. enjoy 🙂

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Abstract video

I’ve to create an Abstract Video…..

Examples of Abstract Videos

restate-brief (1)

How I’m going to do this I’m not sure at the moment, so I’m off to do a little research and maybe follow some tutorials. Hopefully I can learn enough to create my own abstract video.

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