Examples of videos

I love the way that these 2 videos of nature have been filmed and the music that accompanies them. I would like to try and make my film in this way but minus the woman and cat and obviously I won’t be able to film from above the clouds as student finances won’t stretch to hiring a plane or hot air balloon!

Below is a film I made in 2011 when I lived by the Loch of Skene and thousands of geese were coming in for the night. Big beautiful sunset skies, water and birds, this is my kind of beautiful. I am hoping to create a film that is better than this one with no shake, better angles and close ups as I now have a better camera. Unfortunately I won’t be able to go to the Loch of Skene at the moment so I will be out and about locally snapping pictures and videoing as much nature as possible throughout the days and early evenings to create my film for this unit.

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