Mother Natures Beauty

I filmed my video interpretation of Beauty using a Canon EOS 600D, a couple of the still images were taken with my Fuji Finepix S5600 bridge camera. I used a tripod when videoing to avoid shake and filmed in various locations in Fife.

I edited the video in Adobe Premier Pro and created the title and credits in Adobe Photoshop. As we were to source copyright free music for the video I used a track called Eternal Hope by Kenvin McLeod from

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Another video

This video appeared in my news feed on Facebook, I love the way this has been filmed and all those big skies. I also went to Vimeo to watch some other amazing videos by Walid Salhab who is a lecturer in Media Practice at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.

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Examples of videos

I love the way that these 2 videos of nature have been filmed and the music that accompanies them. I would like to try and make my film in this way but minus the woman and cat and obviously I won’t be able to film from above the clouds as student finances won’t stretch to hiring a plane or hot air balloon!

Below is a film I made in 2011 when I lived by the Loch of Skene and thousands of geese were coming in for the night. Big beautiful sunset skies, water and birds, this is my kind of beautiful. I am hoping to create a film that is better than this one with no shake, better angles and close ups as I now have a better camera. Unfortunately I won’t be able to go to the Loch of Skene at the moment so I will be out and about locally snapping pictures and videoing as much nature as possible throughout the days and early evenings to create my film for this unit.

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Video for Artists and Designers

Back at college so this is the start of the HND postings so my tutors can access some of my work. Some larger projects will have there own blogs and these will be listed on the right hand side menu under Deborah Dey Design Blogs.

Here is my  interpretation of the Brief we were given for Beauty Video Project.

restate Brief

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I’ve entered a competition….

… to design a Christmas Tea Towel for Pedlars.

I love all the stuff in Pedlars so it would be great if I won as I would get £500 to spend on some lovely things. The winning design will also be made and sold by Pedlars. The winner also retains the copyright and will receive a percentage of all sales and a percentage to a charity of their choice. My charity would have to be the Meningitis Research Fondation, so I will be keeping my fingers crossed.

This is my design, if you like my design please vote for it here, just find my name click beside it then go to bottom of page and click vote.

tea towel deborah dey

Thanks in advance to anyone who votes for my design.

Deborah 🙂

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The nightmare that is 3D is over…

at last I have completed my 3D Modelling and Animation unit and here my completed Art Gallery

Dey Art Gallery from Deborah Dey on Vimeo.

By the time I got around to completing this I was actually starting to enjoy 3D a little and I can see lots of things that I would change about my animation. I might do a little 3D during the holidays just so the little I know stays fresh in my head.

I’ve had a great year at college and surprisingly have received my HNC certificate from the SQA already, I’m looking forward to returning to do my HND after the summer holidays.

I recieved a good email offer from for an A3 Photobook and decided it would be worth having some of my college work professionally printed in a book so it was all in one place. My book arrived today and I’m really pleased with it. You can view by completed book online here.

I’m going to update the Avola Project Blog with the last of the development and final designs and add a quick video of my presentation and then I think that’ll be me tied up all the loose ends for this year 🙂

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